Chisholm Institute of TAFE

New Two Seater Quiet Lounge Seating Solutions

IntraSpace were approached by Frankston Chisholm TAFE to install new quiet lounge seating solutions. The goal was to create a private space for students to study, prepare for exams and collaborate in a quiet environment.

These two seater lounges were a cost-effective solution to furnishing the space. They were much cheaper than constructing a dividing wall. And thanks to their modular design… they freed up a lot of space too.



More Comfortable Seating Solutions

Each seating booth is softly cushioned to provide maximum comfort and back support for school students. The vertical backing effortlessly maintains your posture and prevents slouching. The booths are modular and can be re-arranged to sit anywhere you wish.



Less Distractions, Better Results

These quiet lounge seating solutions gave students the space they need to concentrate on their homework, prepare for exams and catch-up on reading. This increases their chance of achieving better grades and results throughout the year.

Students can also use the space to collaborate on projects and host group study sessions.



  • Great for private study sessions and collaborations
  • Cheaper than building dividing walls or extending
  • Modular design offers the freedom to re-arrange
  • Sleek and minimal for a timeless look
  • Available in single, double and triple seater models
  • Available colours: Black, Grey, Red, Navy, Ink, Wine, Cobalt or your choice of fabric
  • 5 year warranty


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