Deakin University – Geelong

Clinical Storage Furniture to Efficiently Store, Prepare and Clean Medical Supplies

Since 2006, over 1,000 successful School of Medicine graduates have pursued careers in the medical industry. To provide the best graduate program for students, the Geelong campus invested in new clinical storage furniture to increase storage capacity and streamline their workflow.

Deakin University called on IntraSpace to overhaul their storage rooms with modular, space-saving shelving units.



Space-Saving Solutions

IntraSpace reinvented the school’s clinical storage rooms to accommodate for the fast-paced world of clinical practice. These rooms were completely overhauled to free up space and improve their inventory system.

The IntraSpace crew supplied Deakin with Clinical Storage Shelving Units. These units were fitted with dividers and label holders to fit clinical storage trays and IntraMed ABS Baskets.

The Clinical Skills Lecturer at the campus praised the new system by claiming,

“The ‘Tower’ storage solution provides easy access to consumables with the advantage of being able to visualise all the items which in turn allows the user to source stock easily and to re-order and replenish stock when the par levels are low.” 

“The ‘Tower’ storage solution is also a great use of space as we were able to divide the baskets into the appropriate sizes using the purpose-built dividers.”



Improved Workflow and Preparation

Before heading into the training room for a clinical session, students need to prepare their equipment.

The answer? An ‘island’ benchtop with slots to store medium to large consumables. This clinical storage furniture gave students the bench space needed to prepare and clean their supplies – without making the environment feel cramped.

According to the Clinical Skills Lecturer at the campus,

“Our “island” storage solution is the envy of the clinical areas as not only can we store all the equipment required for a particular clinical session in an allocated basket, but we have a large amount of bench space to either prepare or clean equipment.”

The ‘island’ benchtop has since become a popular choice for other Deakin Clinical Schools, among Waurn Ponds and Burwood.



User-Friendly Clinical Storage Furniture

Deakin University were able to identify the need for more storage space and a smarter cataloguing system.

With help from IntraSpace, the School of Medicine increased the productivity of their clinical sessions, provide a more hygienic work environment, and prepare students for the fast-paced world of medical practices.

Discover how new clinical storage furniture can improve the safety and efficiency of your medical facility.

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