Glenroy College Library

Library Furniture Solutions That Won’t Cost you a Fortune

Glenroy College is a year 7-12 campus located in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. The campus, which had experienced reduced funding over the years, wanted to renovate its library for a new age.

However, after going through a period of funding cuts, could the college overhaul its existing library on a tight budget?

After receiving an overhaul of the layout and new library furniture solutions – Glenroy College proved it could reinvent itself without having to spend a fortune.



New Library Furniture Layout

Glenroy College were committed to maximising the large space the library offered.

As part of its renovation, a double-door entrance was constructed to increase traffic flow and provide more natural lighting. Back doors were also replaced with new large glass doors to provide additional lighting.

The IntraSpace renovation team made some key changes to the layout.

Our crew supplied the library with double-sided metal shelving systems placed on opposite sides of the room. These library furniture solutions replaced the tall, cumbersome shelving previously installed – without compromising on a high volume storage capacity.

The existing chairs, tables and I.T lab were also spread out across the library floor.



Interior Touch-Ups

To take advantage of the increased natural lighting, the library received new paintwork and carpet.

The front section, which previously had natural wood panels, was repainted with an inviting beige tone. Old carpet was replaced with textured, cut loop carpet – complete with decorative lines and patterns.

These subtle interior touch-ups helped liven up the atmosphere and make the place feel ‘new’ again.


Books & Magazine Display Stand

Avid readers simply cannot wait to get their hands on the latest books and magazines. What better way to show off the latest additions, than with a Laminate IntraSlat Display Board?

The board was custom-fit with a book display and magazine stand on both sides. The modular display could also be fitted with additional magazine stands.



A Fresh Start for Glenroy College

By making use of its existing space, Glenroy College were able to enhance the library’s best features with a new double-door entrance, increased seating and storage space, and subtle interior renovations for a modern look.

Discover how our library furniture solutions can improve the storage capacity, workflow and presence of your library.

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