New Interior Storage, Furniture and Shelving: Improving Productivity for Australian Workers in 2017 and Beyond

June 24, 2017

The end of the 2016-2017 financial year is soon coming to an end. Across Australia, workers have enjoyed a wealth of facility upgrades, storage and furniture fitouts from the interior solutions experts at IntraSpace.

At IntraSpace, we help everyday people be more productive, efficient and happier at work. We achieve this by providing solutions that overcome the growing needs and challenges of today’s workplaces. With over 15 years of supplying clever and flexible custom interior solutions, we have improved the efficiency for many Education, Local Government, Healthcare, and Library facilities.



Dynamic Storage and Furniture Solutions in 2017

When it comes to maximising the efficiency for the workplace, the 2016–2017 financial year has been very productive for IntraSpace. We have completed many projects in the healthcare sector, with major interior fitouts completed for the following facilities:


  • Monash Children’s Hospital – Melbourne
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (VCCC) – Melbourne
  • New Bendigo Hospital – Bendigo
  • Sunshine Coast University Hospital
  • New Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Perth Kids Hospital


The IntraSpace team designed, specified and installed a range of medical storage solutions for these facilities. These include IntraMed ABS Baskets, IntraMed Wire Shelving to Laminate Lockers, Laminate Storage Cabinets and Pharmacy Shelving Pullout Trayshelfs.




Real Results

With Australia employing over 610,000 registered health practitioners, IntraSpace understands the specific needs of workers in the healthcare sector. From nurses and midwives, to pharmacists and doctors, we make it easier for healthcare workers to care for patients and manage their storage needs in a number of ways:


  • Reduce storage space – Modular storage solutions for medical equipment and supplies including medical trays, baskets cabinets and trolleys.
  • Maintain hygienic standards – Baskets and trays have a series of holes on all sides, which allows dust particles and foreign objects to pass through.
  • Save time – Storage solutions are conveniently located, marked and label to streamline the process of collecting equipment or supplies.
  • Reduce waste – Ageing stock can be regularly rotated and used before their expiry date, therefore, reducing unnecessary wastage.


Understanding the various demands of the healthcare sector is vital to successfully completing any storage or furniture fitout. Our tailored approach has impressed many high-profile clients in the healthcare sector, including Alex Long from the Royal Adelaide Hospital, who stated:


“IntraSpace have been successful with the significant Clinical shelving package of works on the New Royal Adelaide Hospital project… IntraSpace worked well with the overall project logistics plan to ensure on time deliveries and installs in accordance with the project programs… the Communication was very good and you were able to adapt to the inevitable changes that occurred.”




Upcoming Projects

With another productive financial year coming to an end, IntraSpace have many new projects to look forward to. We have recently been awarded new projects for the following facilities in Australia:


  • Bunjil Library – Melbourne – Furniture
  • Gosford Hospital – Lockers, Safes, Miscellaneous FFE
  • University of Canberra Hospital – Storage and Lockers
  • Ellenbrook School in Perth – Furniture and Shelving


Putting the Needs of Workers First

Every workplace has their own approach to maximising their layout and storage capacity. At IntraSpace, we believe storage is an integral part of the work environment and by creating solutions that make it easier to access essential supplies, your business can cope with the growing demands of today’s workforce.

We’re excited about the transition into the 2017-2018 financial year, and we look forward to helping everyday Australians be more productive, happier and healthier in the workplace.