Medical Storage

Clean utility rooms, treatment rooms and preparation rooms ultimately play a critical part in the care and well-being of the patient. Let us help you get your medical storage right the first time.

Organised and logically placed supplies connected to treatments and work-flows have a huge impact on efficiency, supplies budget and job satisfaction. IntaSpace designs and installs a huge range of custom medical storage solutions for leading healthcare organisations.
Features and benefits of our healthcare and medical storage solutions

Space saving – correct use of the IntraMed Modular Basket system can provide up to 50 per cent more storage capacity.
Time saving – stock retrieval is quicker as stock is more clearly marked, logically located and accessible – allowing staff to spend more time with the patients.
Less wastage – as every item has a set storage location, excessive and aging stock can be kept to a minimum.
Improved handling of stock – pullout drawerd and baskets means easier access to retrieve and re-load stock, including sloping upper baskets and limited bending to low, deep shelves.
Improved cleaning – baskets have a series of holes in the base and sides to allow foreign objects, dust and packaging to fall through. Assists departments to comply with the Australian Standard AS4187 for Infection Control.
All IntraMed Storage Towers are designed to hold the International 600*400 baskets and trays.
The Style A Cabinets (455mm wide) are more space-efficient for maximum wall capacity, but project a further 200mm into the room. This needs to be considered when designing your room layouts to optimise capacity. The wider 655mm cabinets are best used in narrow passageways or under shallow benchtops.
Sloping top canopies or bulkheads should be considered to meet the Infection Control standards and to eliminate clutter above cabinetry.

IntraMed medical storage
Stockrooms with fixed shelving tend to accumulate stock on the front of the shelf, blocking the view and the accessibility of the stock in the back. Stockrooms fitted with IntraMed medical storage towers and the slide baskets allow you to access all stock easily, providing:

Consistent stock-rotation
Reduces risk of overstocking which minimises stock wastage and time spent on emergency orders.

Increased capacity
Up to 50 per cent more stock volume per m² compared to fixed shelving.

Dynamic storage
Easy adaptation to changing conditions, including moving baskets and dividers around to suit stock use and size.

Self-cleaning system
The baskets have holes in the bottom to allow foreign objects to fall through.

Easy Accessibility
Improves ergonomics and job satisfaction.

Take a look at our full range of medical storage furniture, including theatre trolleys, IV poles, bariatric waiting room chairs and clinical display solutions. We also provide custom library storage solutions for schools, universities and community libraries Australia-wide.

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