Office Furniture

If you’re relocating or refurbishing your office, contact the storage solutions experts at IntraSpace. We can help integrate your desking fitout with all the office furniture and storage you require.

From workstations to boardroom furniture, office trolleys, folding tables, polypropylene seating and drawer pedestal units, the experienced team at IntraSpace can help you plan and design inspiring spaces that are both productive and inviting.

Our office furniture specialists work with clients to consider:


How close should the space be to those who will use it?
Is the space on a main circulation route or a quiet cul-de-sac?
Could it disrupt its neighbours’ concentration?

Fitting out

What does the space need to accommodate – working or relaxing?
How long is the user in the space – minutes, hours, days?
Does the space require writing or visual tools?
What technologies does it need to accommodate?


Should the space be schedulable?
Does the space belong to its team or available to anyone?
How adaptable should the space be to other uses?


Impromptu, casual or structured?
A variety of structured spaces typically outfitted with horizontal writing surfaces, comfortable seating and technology.

We also provide the industry-leading IntraMed medical shelving solutions and custom healthcare storage systems.

INTRASPACE Nebula Furniture Brochure