Safe & Secure

Protect your vital business documents with our Safe & Secure Range
Safeguard your business and your customers with our tested and certified storage solutions for:

insurance documents
account books and sales ledgers
contracts and legal documents
customer records
personnel records
share certificates
computer back-up discs
examination papers.

Our Safe & Secure range can be incorporated as part of our office, school, local government and medical storage furniture fit-outs.
How safe are your business records?
If fire devastated your building tomorrow, would your company’s essential media survive? Without them you could find it difficult to continue running your business. What’s more, could you prove the extent of your losses for a full and speedy insurance settlement?

Some statistics show that on average the fire brigade is called out to a fire every 80 seconds. Commercial fires cost the industry millions per year, but if the hidden costs – including lost production, lost orders and business interruptions – are added, the total figure is much more. It’s a fact that many companies cease trading after a fire not because of damage to factories or stock, but due to the essential trading documents being lost.

It’s not just fire you need to be wary of. A whole range of disasters including flood, burglary, electrical failure, vandalism and bomb damage puts thousands of companies out of business every year.

It is therefore vital to ensure that core information is safeguarded, so that if disaster strikes your company you can be up and running again with a minimal delay. What information is essential to your business?

It may be impractical to safeguard every document, but it is essential that the key documents such as balance sheets, sales ledgers, share certificates, customer records and insurance details are protected.

With this in mind, we developed our Safe & Secure range of fire-resistant cabinets and safes to suit every need. The level of protection required from a fire safe is dependant on the media you will be storing. For example, paper chars at 177°C, so lower protection is required than if you are storing computer discs, which melt at 75°C. So before ordering a safe think about the media you need to store. By simply storing your system back up discs and other data media in a safe, you will provide a high level of protection and security for a vast amount of information.

All safes require professional transport and installation. Please contact IntraSpace to find out more about delivery. We can also help with your office furniture and healthcare storage systems.