AS/NZS 4187:2014 – Video Mini-Series on CSSD Compliance Requirements

August 30, 2021

AS4187 presentation by Jessica Pena – 10 Part Video series

IntraSpace was pleased to conduct a presentation at the Healthcare Leaders Forum in May 2021. The topic “Developing an action plan to prevent Healthcare-associated infections” discusses all aspects of how Healthcare Facilities need to upgrade their CSSD and other storage areas to meet the latest AS4187-2014 standards and the NSQHS Advisories.

We have broken this presentation into 10 quick videos for you and your team to learn more about this subject. All stakeholders including Nurse Unit Managers, Facilities, Infection Control and even Finance and Executive teams would do well to learn about the key deadlines that Healthcare Facilities need to know about. You can download the presentation itself as well as all the videos below:

Link to presentation slides, presented by organiser and guest speaker Jessica Pena








1 of 10 | Introducing Jessica Pena – CSSD Compliance Expert


2 of 10 | Key AS4187 Deadlines for Compliance


3 of 10 | The AS4187 Gap Analysis


4 of 10 | Segregation of Zones Within CSSDs


5 of 10 | Shelving & Storage in CSSDs


6 of 10 | Decontamination Rooms


7 of 10 | Storage of Chemicals in CSSDs


8 of 10 | Challenges & Needs Within CSSDs


9 of 10 | Case Study 1: Rural Hospital – Common Deficits


10 of 10 | Case Study 2: Rural Hospital – Non-Compliant Equipment