IntraSpace Partners With The Victorian Medtech Manufacturing Capability Directory

May 15, 2024

Victorian manufacturers in the field of medical technology contribute to the enhancement of healthcare services, patient outcomes, and overall quality of life for customers in the healthcare, aged care, and disability sectors both locally and globally. The medtech manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in Victoria’s renowned biomedical ecosystem.

Produced by ICN Victoria, the Victorian Medtech Manufacturing Capability Directory serves as a valuable resource for healthcare purchasers and stakeholders seeking to identify local manufacturing and supply chain capabilities. It features a comprehensive list of companies based in Victoria that specialise in the development and production of various medtech products, including devices, diagnostics, medical equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), consumables, dental supplies, as well as medical furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE).

IntraSpace is proud to be part of the Directory to be able to partner with Australian and international healthcare providers to address pressing healthcare needs and drive innovation for improved clinical, economic, and social impact.

The Directory can be accessed and viewed online by clicking here.


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