IntraMed Modular Racks

IntraMed Modular Racks complete the solution of Storage products that, as a whole,
provide Healthcare personnel with ideal logistics management of products that are
needed to support patient care.

  • The Modular Racks are designed to hold the international 600x400mm basket system.
  • The Racks are based on a starter bay and add-on bays, in the 400 and 600 width, dependant on room space constraints.
  • The 400W modules give the best wall space utilization and also allow the baskets to pull out further for stock accessibility.
  • Modules are raised from the floor to allow easy floor cleaning.

IMMS210684510 – 680mmW
Starter Bay
IMMS210654510 – 650mmW
Add-on Bay

IMMS210486510 – 480mmW
Starter Bay
IMMS210456510 – 450mmW
Add-on Bay

Mod Rack Rails & End Piece Extras
IMMS000000347 – ABS Blue Rail 347mmL for Mod Racks
IMMS000000547 – ABS Blue Rail 547mmL for Mod Racks
IMEM00000001 – Left Hand End Piece
IMEM00000002 – Right Hand End Piece

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