Ashburton Primary School

School Library Furniture Solutions For Young Minds

In 2014, as part of the Victorian School Plan and Economic Stimulus Package, Ashburton Primary School received $8.3 million to redevelop and refurbish its facilities.

For their redeveloped library, the school wanted a new reading space for students to learn, socialize and play. The space needed to be easy for people to come and go, while letting teachers safely monitor students from a distance. After having an in-depth consultation with staff and teachers, our library furniture solutions experts decided on the following criteria for this project:


  • Child-friendly book shelves
  • Comfortable and spacious reading area
  • Transparent viewing from any angle
  • Minimal and contemporary design


The Solution? A Reading Well

IntraSpace constructed an all-in-one shelving and seating display, otherwise known as the ‘reading well.’

For ease of access, low-profile shelving units wrap around the exterior. This makes it easy for students to grab their favourite books… and for library staff to clean up after a long day!

The slim, tall pillars create the illusion of an enclosed space without compromising on the open-ended layout. This way, teachers and staff can monitor students from almost any location in the library.

Inside the reading well, students can read, play and socialize among their classmates. An abundance of bean bags, toys, mats and blankets are placed inside the well – giving the environment a sense of warmth and playfulness.


The Results Of The New Library Furniture Solution

For the Ashburton Primary School library, IntraSpace has provided a library furniture solution that creates an ideal environment for young minds to develop their reading and social skills.

Now, students can nurture their love of reading in a space that’s welcoming and inviting for everyone . Meanwhile, teachers can host group reading activities… or give students the freedom to read whatever they wish!

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