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How Deakin University Improved its Storage Capacity and Workflow with New Medical Storage Furniture

Launched in 2006, the Deakin University School of Medicine allows graduates to have hands-on experience with doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals.

To keep up with the varying demands of working in a clinical practice, the school decided to upgrade their preparation rooms with improved storage capacity, handling of stock, and waste reduction.

However, with a cumbersome track shelving system occupying too much space; a major overhaul was needed to solve their storage issues.

Luckily, with help from long-time suppliers IntraSpace – our medical storage furniture met their exact needs.




Improved Storage Capacity and Workflow

Deakin University recognised the importance of a dynamic storage system for time-poor staff and students.

The IntraSpace crew installed IntraMed Storage Towers to hold the IntraMed ABS Basket Range. These modular baskets came in various sizes and were used to store medical supplies based on their size and usage. Not only improving storage capacity and handling of stock – but saving tremendous amounts of space.

Deakin University saw the potential in this new-found space. The school requested new shelving units to occupy the centre of each room. These custom shelving units acted as workbenches, which gave students space to prepare equipment prior to heading into the training rooms.



Medical Supply Trolleys

The fast-paced environment of a clinical practice demands the most versatile medical storage furniture.

To safely transport medical equipment to and from their storage rooms, IntraSpace supplied the school with Open Transport Trolleys. Their ergonomic handles provided easy handling and maneuverability, while the shock-absorbent rubber bumpers reduced injury caused by impacts.



A Safer, More Productive Environment

By recognising the demand for ergonomic and space-saving medical storage furniture, Deakin University were able to increase its storage capacity, reduce time spent arranging medical supplies, and safely transport equipment throughout the faculty.

Learn more about how our medical storage solutions can improve the care and well-being of your staff, students and patients.

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