Latrobe Bio Science

New Shelving Filing Systems and Storage for World-Class Agricultural Facility

The AgriBio building is a world-class facility for students to study Agricultural Sciences, Botany, and Animal and Veterinary Biosciences. In this facility, students have the opportunity to work alongside leading scientists, and gain hands-on experience researching animal and environmental issues shaping today’s world.

The facility was built by construction company Grocon. Due to Grocon’s experience with IntraSpace on a recent Government Services building in Dandenong, IntraSpace was the supplier of choice for this project.


Consultation and Brief

IntraSpace visited the site to consult Grocon and Latrobe staff on the kind of shelving filing systems and storage solutions they needed.

IntraSpace provided Grocon and Latrobe with concept plans to install FileStor Fixed-Track-On-Floor shelving systems in the supply department, including Metro Seal Shelving and Longspan Shelving.



One crucial factor was the risk of infestation, as vermin could compromise the health and safety of stored goods in the supply departments and laboratories.

To protect shelving systems in the PC2 laboratories from infestation, cover panels were removed and tracks were silicone to the ground. This reduced the risk of insects entering the crevices to nest and live there. And it allowed staff to easily clean down the units.


Animal Storage

To accommodate for the storage of live animals on-site, IntraSpace supplied the department with Selective Pallet Racking. These racks provided excellent resistance against impacts and were a safe enclosure for the animals.

The remaining departments were fitted with a range of shelving filing systems including wire shelving, Longspan Shelving, and Metro Seal Shelving to store essential goods. Their strength and sustainability allowed to handle heavily weighted stock with ease.


Ready for a New School Year

Despite tough working conditions, IntraSpace successfully worked alongside Grocon to complete the project in time.

Upon completion, the new facilities were ready to be used by the new intake of undergraduate students, who could experience the latest research and technological developments in the world of Agricultural and Animal Sciences.

Grocon and Latrobe University were very pleased with the results, and happy to recommend IntraSpace as a supplier of choice for shelving filing systems and storage solutions.

IntraSpace provides tailored, high quality shelving filing systems and storage solutions for a range of Education facilities. Find out how a tailored solution can enhance your interior space by calling 1800 800 573 or send your online enquiry to receive more information about our services.