Lethbridge Primary School

Low Profile Mobile Shelving for Lethbridge Primary

Lethbridge Primary School is located in the beautiful rural setting of Lethbridge, which is just 30km away from Geelong. In 2010, as part of the Building Education Revolution (BER) government funded incentive, the school moved to a new premise and received a range of facility upgrades.

One facility upgrade was a new building containing a teacher’s resource room, which was a combination storage space and meeting room for staff members. To create a seamless environment for storage and staff communication, Lethbridge Primary approached IntraSpace to supply a mobile shelving system.


Concept Plan and Benefits

The IntraSpace crew delivered a concept plan tailored to the school’s particular storage needs. After meeting with the staff, it was decided a Low Profile Mobile Shelving System was the most effective way to utilise the space.

The double-sided shelving gave staff more flexibility for their storage needs. Not only did it increase their storage space, but the shelves could be configured to store different sized media. Plus, the push/pull track gliding mechanism made accessing different sections of the shelving system a breeze.

By removing the need for multiple access aisles or passage ways, the room could continue to function as a boardroom for staff – without compromising on space or comfort.



Quick and Easy Installation

Installing the shelving was simple. It required no modifications to the existing floor space, and the low profile tracks didn’t need to be fixed to the floor. Best of all? The track system could be relocated or reconfigured at any time.

IntraSpace installed the new Low Profile Mobile Shelving System on time and within budget. Without having to make any modifications to the floor itself, the process was simple and allowed staff to continue working normally during installation.


Improved Storage without Compromising on Space

Lethbridge Primary was very satisfied with the results the mobile shelving solution provided.

By identifying the need for a long-lasting shelving solution, Lethbridge Primary was able to improve the efficiency of its storage system, preserve the boardroom meeting space for teachers, and prepare themselves for future storage needs.

At IntraSpace, we take the time to understand your storage needs and deliver a tailored mobile shelving solution. Take the opportunity to explore our range of mobile shelving systems and see the difference for yourself.

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