McClelland College

Library Shelving Furniture and Reading Space for McClelland College

McClelland College is an award-winning secondary school that prides itself on providing a personalised learning experience for students, while having spacious and modern facilities that create a productive environment for students to learn, socialise and play.

The campus needed to overhaul the layout of their library shelving to establish an open reading space and private study area. The overhaul would give staff and students easy access to reading material while creating a seamless transition between the private and open reading space. McClelland College approached IntraSpace to supply the school with new library shelving furniture, and come up with a more spacious and efficient layout.


Conception and Layout

The IntraSpace crew visited the campus to assess the library, consult campus staff on the job requirements, and deliver a concept plan tailored to their needs.

A series of Metal Library Shelving was installed around a full circle section of the library to establish the reading space and private study, while removing the need for multiple aisles and passageways. The new shelving arrangement was cohesive, well-connected and easy for students to browse the catalogue at their leisure.

A seamless passageway into the reading space was accomplished with neatly placed Wave Shelf Modules. These modules preserved the convenience and cohesiveness of the catalogue system while giving the library extra shelving to grow their collection of books.


Improved Functionality and Collaboration

IntraSpace was able to deliver a more efficient and ergonomic library shelving layout within the agreed budget and timeframe.

The library shelving furniture looks fantastic and perfectly matches the contemporary look of the interior space. Students can now use the reading space and private study area to socialise, read and catch up on work – all within arm’s reach of the massive collection of books. Plus, staff can easily put away returned or misplaced books without navigating through multiple passage ways.


Easy Installation with Minimal Fuss

McClelland College were very pleased with the results and impressed at how simple the installation process was. The IntraSpace crew worked closely with the campus to realise their vision and complete the project, with very little distraction to staff and students.

IntraSpace is your trusted partner in creating more inviting, productive and comfortable interior spaces. Learn more about the library shelving furniture that made this project so successful. Find out how we can improve the usability and efficiency of your library by calling 1800 800 573 or complete our online form.