Ministry of Finance – East Timor

How East Timor Preserved Its Historical Documents With Innovative Shelving Solutions

Since East Timor declared independence in 2002, the state has made progress towards a peaceful and stable democratic government.

As part of East Timor’s commitment to preserving their independence, the state decided to establish a permanent archive to preserve its historical documents like census records, financial documents, political papers and medical texts, to name a few.

But with East Timor being a developing country, no suppliers were willing to travel overseas and install the new shelving solutions the warehouse needed.

That was, until IntraSpace accepted the job…



Self-Sustainable Shelving Filing Systems

Each year, East Timor goes through periods of heavy rainfall, which results in flooding across the state.

IntraSpace incorporated a moisture-resistant base into the design of the Filestor Universal Shelving solutions. This gap allows shallow water to seep through without damaging any documents or compromising the structural integrity of the shelves.

To keep the documents dust-free and away from light sources, IntraSpace also provided the warehouse with hundreds of labelled cardboard boxes, which were unavailable to locals at the time.


Easy To Access Documents

The shelving solutions needed to be properly categorised, easy to access and have plenty of space to expand the collection.

To achieve this, IntraSpace installed double entry bay Filestor Base Mounted Track Systems. These hand-operated units have 0.5 tonne wheels, which slide along tracks to provide quick access to both entry bays.

These double-sided shelving units also saved on space and reduced the need for multiple passageways.


Shelving Filing Systems For Future Preservation

By placing a high priority on weather-proof shelving systems and innovative design, East Timor’s Ministry of Finance was able to establish a sophisticated cataloguing system and preserve its historically significant documents for many generations to come.

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