Monash University – Clayton

Medical Storage Solutions for Monash University

Located in Monash University Clayton, the biomedical building is one of Australia’s premier medical research hubs and learning faculties.

Inside, the building has world-class facilities for students to gain hands-on experience researching a diverse range of fields. From human anatomy to biology, chemistry, clinical medicine, pharmacology and physiology.

These facilities allow students to become involved in an engaging learning environment, and work towards successful pathway into a career in biomedical science.



During construction of the biomedical building, Monash University approached IntraSpace to supply the department with shelving and medical storage solutions.

IntraSpace consulted the biomedical department to understand the project requirements. A complete storage fitout was needed to store medical supplies in the cool room and supply department. Plus, storage furniture was needed so staff could store office supplies and documents.

To satisfy the project, IntraSpace supplied the campus with turn-key storage cabinets, multi-tier stainless steel shelving, and custom-made glass door cupboards.


Turn-Key Cabinets

With turn-key access, aluminium slat doors and fully welded carcass construction, the Tambour Door Cabinets are a stylish and versatile storage solution

The cabinets are made from quality polypropylene and complete with white satin for a minimal, professional look. Thanks to the customisable interior shelving, they can be adjusted to store different sized office supplies and documents.


Durable Shelving

The stainless steel shelving is a cost-effective and space-saving solution for the faculty.

The medical storage systems provide staff and students with a reliable space to store important medical supplies. With 4 layers of shelving, staff and students have plenty of room to configure the setup to meet their specific storage requirements.

Due to their free-standing design, the shelves can be re-arranged at any time to accommodate for layout changes, or an increase in demand for storage.


Cool Room Storage

To provide storage space for chilled medical suppliers, IntraSpace installed glass laminate storage cupboards into the cool rooms.

Resistance to cold climate was crucial for the cool room storage cupboards. The cupboards have a moisture-resistant laminate base, with plastic edging to prevent moisture from damaging the storage units.


The Results

The new shelving and medical storage furniture is a safe and efficient storage method for the Monash University biomedical faculty.

IntraSpace supplied the biomedical faculty with shelving and storage units on time and within the department’s budget. The Biomedical Science department were very pleased with the results, and are happy to recommend IntraSpace as a supplier of choice for medical storage.


Increased capacity, less overstocking and easy of accessibility – these are the kind of benefits medical storage furniture can provide for your faculty. Call 1800 800 573 or send your online enquiry to find out how IntraSpace can improve the efficiency of your storage space.