Northern Teaching & Training Centre – Epping

Laminate Lockers Storage Solution for the Northern Centre

In 2015, The Northern Centre for Health Education and Research was established in collaboration with Northern Health, La Trobe University, University of Melbourne, and the Commonwealth government.

The Northern Centre was created to help train over 900 health professionals, with the goal of attracting doctors, nurses and medical staff to learn, and contribute to the growing demand for health services in the northern community.


The Brief

IntraSpace collaborated with the builder, Cockram Construction, to supply and install a seamless storage system for the staff break-out space.

The brief outlined that a Laminate Lockers storage system would provide secure key-less access to personal belongings, while keeping the area spacious and consistent with the colour scheme and décor.


In-Built Laminate Lockers

To maximise space inside the building, it was agreed the laminate lockers would be installed directly into the walls themselves.

IntraSpace supplied Cockram Construction with concept plans and measurements of the lockers. The Cockram Construction team designated space into the interior walls, which allowed the IntraSpace crew to fit the lockers in with ease. With this setup, the laminate lockers blended in naturally with the interior layout while keeping the environment spacious.

Laminex Fudge Stream was chosen to stay consistent with the Northern Centre’s colour scheme. Plus, straight lines created the appearance of a natural wood grain finish.

For maximum security and protection, the Laminate Lockers storage system has a digilock system to keep personal belongings and books safe.


The Results

IntraSpace were able to successfully fitout the new space according to Cockram Construction’s budget and timeline.

By removing the need for a floor standing locker system, the staff break-out area was spacious while allowing regular staff and students to make themselves at home. Plus, the choice of colour remained consistent with the Northern Centre’s modern and sophisticated aesthetic.


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