Nossal High School

New Display Storage Solutions at Nossal High School

Since launching in 2010, Nossal High School has become a highly regarded co-educational facility for students in Year 9 – 12.

The Berwick campus is one of four academically selective high schools in Victoria. It offers high-achieving students the chance to experience a unique tailored learning program which provides them with access to world-class learning facilities, technology, a broad range of academic and creative curricula programs, and pathway programs to prepare them for undergraduate study.

To promote upcoming university open days, events and programs happening on the campus, Nossal High School approached IntraSpace to supply the campus with a range of display storage solutions including whiteboards, pinboards, display boards, and acrylic display stands.


Display Boards

To provide students with easily accessible reading material, IntraSpace supplied the campus with two Laminate IntraSlat Display Boards. The display boards perfectly matched the school’s contemporary architecture style, while providing staff with plenty of customisation options to match their needs.

With their choice of A3 – A5 IntraSlat Brochure Holders, multi-tier brochure holders and wall pockets, staff could arrange different sized brochures, booklets and pamphlets in any shape or fashion they wish.

IntraSpace also supplied the campus with an acrylic display rack, mobile Natural Cork Pinboard unit, and mobile whiteboards for various classrooms around the campus.


The Results

IntraSpace successfully supplied the Nossal High School with stylish and practical display storage solutions.

By focusing on the particular needs of students, including current opportunities happening on campus and further education opportunities, Nossal High School established a practical way to engage with students through relevant reading material.

Since completing this initial project with Nossal High School, IntraSpace became the supplier of choice for whiteboards, display solutions, and custom-made joinery.


At IntraSpace, we design, supply and install display solutions for many of Australia’s leading schools, universities, libraries and corporate facilities. We have a range of display storage solutions to suit the requirements of your interior space. Call IntraSpace on 1800 800 573 or send your online enquiry to discuss your display requirements with us.