Our medical storage solutions team at the MEDICA Trade Fair

December 22, 2016

IntraSpace was proud to be able to send two of our medical storage solutions experts to the 2016 MEDICA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. Running from November 13 to 16, the event is the world’s largest trade fair for the medical industry, providing a forum for international medical technology advancements.

Our two directors, Jeff Morren and Brent Morren attended the forum, rubbing shoulders with some of the leading minds in medical technology, healthcare equipment and furniture. With more than 100 000 visitors attending across 19 trade halls, the fair is an exciting meeting of minds, aimed at stimulating innovation in the industry.

One of the major takeaways for the IntraSpace team is the focus on increasing cost-saving potential for hospitals, through digitalisation and automating logistics and processes.

Please contact us to find out more about the MEDICA Trade Fair or for updates about our medical storage solutions.