New Location For Healthcare, Library And Furniture Fitout Solutions Business

March 17, 2017

Over the past 14 years, our storage solutions company has helped countless businesses and facilities become more functional places to work and play. From installing new lockers for schools, to office outfits for council properties – we’ve always been about adding value to your space.

Well, after years of planning and construction, we’ve finally done the same for ourselves. That’s right – IntraSpace has moved to a new location in Werribee!


What You Need to Know

You can find our new premise at 27-29 Gerves Drive, Werribee, VIC 3030, which is a short 35-minute drive from the Melbourne CBD via the Princes Freeway. For all enquiries about our services, you can call our toll-free number on 1800 800 573.

Our business hours are still Monday – Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm


Why Have We Moved?

When we first launched IntraSpace nearly 14 years ago, we specialised in the installation of filing systems, shelving and archiving products. Since then, we have expanded our product range to meet the many challenges found in medical, educational, government and corporate facilities. Plus, the provision of office, healthcare and library storage and furniture solutions.

Therefore, to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients, we needed more space to hold inventory and improve the efficiency of our dispatching process.

In conjunction with our growing product range; so too has our team grown. From designers to sales, finance advisors, project managers and customer service – we needed an office that complemented the growth of our business.


New Offices

The new open office layout makes it easier for departments to collaborate and team members have the space to focus on their own tasks. Upstairs, each room is separated by large glass panels. This not only creates the illusion of space – it allows information to flow much quicker through the office.

Whether it’s asking a simple question or sharing advice, communication between our departments is much smoother.


Bigger Warehouse, Quicker Deliveries

Our new warehouse is much larger than our old premise. Now, we can keep all our local and international inventory in one place. And have everything ready to dispatch at a moment’s notice.



New Design Studios and 3D Modelling Of Storage And Furniture Solutions

We’ve given our design studios a massive overhaul. Our designers have more space to express their ideas. Team members can collaborate together and we can train new members with much greater efficiency.

Additionally, we’ve introduced CAD software into our storage and furniture solutions design process. CAD software enables us to show you exactly what your new installation will look like and you have the opportunity to make adjustments before any construction or installation begins. Therefore, we reduce the risk of running into unexpected design issues later on.


Looking Forward to the Future

At IntraSpace, we’re always coming up with new ways to improve the workflow of our business – and create a better experience for our clients. Along with the launch of our new website, this new location is just one of many exciting developments in 2017. On behalf of the team at IntraSpace, we wish to thank our valued customers.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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Jeff Morren and the IntraSpace Team