Don’t Risk Patient Infection. Meet Your Storage Accreditation!

July 17, 2019

Effective sterilization and storage of reusable medical devices is a critical aspect of infection prevention within a healthcare facility. The updated AS4187:2014 Standard outlines the requirements for Sterile Storage within these facilities, and the requirements are significant. Not only that, the deadline is fast approaching for compliance!

Luckily, custom medical storage solutions and extensive product knowledge are something IntraSpace specialize in.

The new version of the AS4187:2014 standard will require health services to:

  1. Complete a gap analysis to determine the current level of compliance with the standard and document the findings.
  2. Develop an implementation plan to enable full compliance by 2021
  3. Implement the plan and demonstrate progress towards compliance

An expert from the IntraSpace team can come to your facility, conduct a complimentary site audit, engage with staff and share product knowledge to effectively help you with compliance in your storage areas. We then provide you with a detailed plan, design and quote, complete the order process and install the solutions you will need.

Additionally, all healthcare facilities will need to consider a number of specific requirements when it comes to the storage systems they use, including:

  • How sterile supplies are stored to avoid contamination
  • Space, layout and design of shelving units
  • Shelving types, including wire fixed/mobile shelving units, or compactus style systems
  • Ease of stock rotation
  • Shelving specifications including accessible corners, sealed seams, materials, height from floor and ceiling etc.

Our IntraMed medical storage products have been specifically designed to meet the requirements and standards that have been outlined. This includes aiding with consistent stock rotation, dynamic and adaptable storage, self cleaning basket systems, and ergonomic solutions for healthcare staff.

Call today or email us to book in a site audit and start your journey to compliance before the deadline. Let us help you get your medical storage right the first time!