Major Improvement to Health Services for Locals in Enga Province

February 15, 2023

Located within the Enga Province, The Highlands, Papua New Guinea, the newly developed Enga Provincial Hospital comprises 300 beds over several essential healthcare departments. Developed as a sprawling compound to serve various healthcare settings, the Enga Provincial Hospital was built amidst the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2022.

Image courtesy of the Enga Provincial Health Authority (Facebook).

Designed in the United States by architect Shepley Bulfinch, it was built by the Chinese government and fitted out locally under the supervision of the PNG government. The project was handed over to the Government of PNG in June 2022.

IntraSpace was requested to tender several items for this hospital and was included as a successful supplier in January 2022. Having worked with the same contractors as we had worked with to successfully complete a much larger project on the ANGAU Hospital Redevelopment in Lae, PNG, the method of supply had been established.

The goods — including metal lockers, wheeled plastic bins, and refrigerators, among other items — were shipped to Lae. Then the container was transported on a precarious 12-hour road journey. This included having the goods transshipped en-route to smaller vehicles. Services of a local PNG company were used to unpack, allocate and install every item safely.

This project, which is a part of the PNG-Australia Partnership initiative, has been a tremendous uplift in the provision of Modern Medical Facilities in a very remote part of the country. IntraSpace is very pleased to have been included in such a project benefitting a population of around 500,000 people in a province of 11,700 km2.