A Brief History of IntraSpace

June 9, 2023

IntraSpace is celebrating 20 years in business, a milestone for the company that began as Tidy Files & Cabinets back in 2003. The journey has had its ups and downs, as any business does, but IntraSpace has persevered, adapting to changing markets and growing its client base.

IntraSpace owes its success to its loyal and dedicated clients, who have entrusted the company with their storage and organisational requirements.

The company is also grateful to its hardworking employees who have been with them through thick and thin, and they look forward to many more years of success together.

A Trip Down Memory Lane…

IntraSpace (defined as The Space that is within) has had a purpose since inception to assist others to:

  • Maximise the cubic use of a given Space
  • Increase efficiency within Businesses / Medical Facilities / Educational Facilities and Council Libraries through effective use of space

It all began when a small business was purchased which specialised in providing office and medical filing using the unique Tidy Files System developed in Germany. Here, the drive was to enable users of the system to save money, time and space on their filing.

This business was then the catalyst from which IntraSpace developed. There was an obvious need in doctors’ practices to use their space to best advantage. This then took us to hospitals where the need for efficient storage of medical items, consumables, etc. was in equal demand.

  • 9 June, 2003 – Traded as Tidy Files and Cabinets Pty Ltd
  • 19 April, 2010 – Began trading as IntraSpace
  • 9 June, 2016 – Changed to IntraSpace Pty. Ltd.

In 2016, we sold the Filing and Archives section of Tidy Files and Cabinets.

This enabled us to focus all our attention on several large hospital storage fitouts and to grow the sales revenue by more than double. These hospitals included Perth, WA, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Adelaide, SA, Bendigo, VIC, Monash, VIC and others.

Apart from 2021, COVID year, the good growth has been maintained. Thankfully, with help from the Government we were able to retain all staff in the existing capacities.

Our Staff complement now includes over 20 full time staff in Werribee, a full time representative in NSW, and one employee based in Sweden.

While most of our projects have been in Australia, we have also had projects in East Timor, (Timor-Leste), Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.

2016 saw us transition from a smaller warehouse 400 m², to a purpose-built warehouse (2000 m²) and office area of 300 m² in Werribee, Victoria.

Looking Ahead

As IntraSpace celebrates this milestone, we look forward to the future with a positive outlook. We acknowledge that there will be challenges ahead, but we are confident in our ability to overcome them.

Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has been the key to our success, and we will continue to prioritise them in everything we do.

Here’s to another 20 years of growth and success for IntraSpace!