Filestor – Low Profile Track System

Mobile shelving systems maximise your storage area creating additional workspace. Eliminates multiples access aisles and passage ways.

  • Low profile tracks do not require fixing and can be placed on top of most existing floor surfaces
  • System quick to install, relocate or reconfigure
  • Shelving can be configured to store a variety of different sized media
  • No heavy base required, keeps floor loads to a minimum
  • Effortless push-pull movement
  • Option of powder coated coloured front panels
  • GECA Approved range available on request.

Mobile shelving systems configured in tandem or multiple bay width, require mechanical or electrical assistance to reduce operator strain.

  • Easy drive console with chain and drive cog allows fully loaded bays to be moved with minimal effort — recommended for any system wider than 1800mm
  • Does not require preparation of floor surface
  • The curved 15mm low profile tracks are trolley and wheelchair friendly

We design, deliver and install at your premises.