Attention all Architects, Specifiers and Designers – if you thought IntraSpace had a lot to offer with their product range, we now have even more…

September 25, 2017

Are You Confident Your 2D and 3D Designs are Consistently More Compelling than Your Competitors?

Picture yourself presenting a new design to your client. Do you have the right components to satisfy their storage and shelving needs in the workplace?

If you want your design projects to succeed, you need to convince clients that you understand their vision, the needs of their staff and clients, and how they plan to grow in the future.

IntraSpace is pleased to offer you a FREE exclusive library of shelving and storage solutions designed by global leaders in BIM (Rivet) asset creation, IGS BIM Solutions.

By including the IntraSpace shelving and storage models into your designs, you can show clients how they can:

  • Have more room for storage
  • Organise equipment in a logical manner
  • Stay on top of ordering new stock when supplies are low
  • Improve the speed and efficiency of handling stock
  • Keep the store room clean and hygienic

Imagine how impressed your clients will be, when you show them how they can overcome their storage issues with a turn-key solution

So what do you get in the IntraSpace library?



Highly Parametric Models

Gain access to a wide range of 2D and 3D rendered storage and shelving solutions.

Your FREE download comes with a comprehensive library of BIM assets:

Each model has been designed to reflect their real-life dimensions and specifications with pristine detail, colour and clarity.



Better Collaborations

Whether you’re working on a 3D model or 2D floorplan, it’s easy to include the IntraSpace Revit library into your workflow.

All it takes is a few clicks to download and drag the files into your project.

With the IntraSpace BIM library, collaborating with your clients will be quicker, easier and more efficient. Together you can see the products in the context of the project, then make adjustments until the client is happy with the final result.



Greater Flexibility

As a designer, you need a range of digital assets to cater for the needs of clients in different companies and industries.

The IntraSpace BIM library gives you access to storage and shelving solutions designed for different business functions, room sizes and layouts.

And with access on a convenient cloud platform – you can access them anywhere, any time.


Try the IntraSpace Library for FREE

The IntraSpace library is free to download at

For designers using IGS BIM Solutions’ cloud-based content management platform, we are excited to announce the IntraSpace library will be available via their new manufacturer content portal, ‘UNIFI Connect’.

Here’s what you can expect from these new digital assets:

  • Access to a huge library of storage and shelving components
  • Easy integration with 2D, 3D projects and scheduling documentation
  • A visual representation of deliverables in the context of your project
  • Smoother collaboration process between you and the client

Download all the IntraSpace Revit Models or log on to UNIFI Connect to take your 2D and 3D design projects to the next level.